Non-Service Connected Survivors Pension Benefit, aka “Non-Service Connected Death Pension”

The Non-Service Connected Survivors Pension benefit, which may also be referred to as Death Pension, is a tax-free monetary benefit payable to a low-income, un-remarried surviving spouse and/or unmarried child(ren) of a deceased Veteran with wartime service.

The following requirements apply for the survivor pension:

  1. Discharge Requirements for the deceased Veteran remain the same, and
  2. Service Requirements for the deceased Veteran remain the same, and
  3. The surviving spouse is the current spouse and is unmarried, and
  4. The surviving unmarried children of the deceased Veteran are either:
    1. under 18 years of age,
    2. became permanently “helpless” before 18 years of age
    3. between the ages of 18 and 23 and is in the process of pursuing a course of study at an approved institution such as college or vocational school.
  5. “Net Worth” Limitations remain the same.
  6. “Countable Income” Deductions remain the same.
  7. The MAPR rate limit for each child is $2,250.
  8. Extra benefit of aid and attendance and housebound status requirements remain the same.
  9. EVR reporting requirements remain the same.


The Maximum Annual Pension Rate (MAPR) or “Countable Income Limits” are different for Survivors Pension. The Effective Rates as of 12/01/2017 are:


Standard Medicare Deduction: Actual amount will be determined by SSA based on individual income.

Maximum Annual Pension Rate (MAPR) Category Amount
MAPR Without Dependent Child $8,830
To be deducted, medical expenses must exceed 5% of MAPR or $ 442
MAPR With One Dependent Child $11,557
To be deducted, medical expenses must exceed 5% of MAPR or $578
Housebound Without Dependents $10,792
Housebound With One Dependent $13,514
A&A Without Dependents $14,113
A&A Without Dependents (SAW Veteran’s Surviving Spouse) $14,685
A&A With One Dependent $16,837
A&A With One Dependent (SAW Veteran’s Surviving Spouse) $17,347
SBP/MIW Annuity Limitation $8,830
Add for Each Additional Child $2,250
Child Earned Income Exclusion effective 1/1/2000 $7,200
(38 CFR §3.272(j)(1)) effective 1/1/2001 $7,450
effective 1/1/2002 $7,700
effective 1/1/2003 $7,800
effective 1/1/2004 $7,950
effective 1/1/2005 $8,200
effective 1/1/2006 $8,450
effective 1/1/2007 $8,750
effective 1/1/2008 $8,950
effective 1/1/2009 $9,350
effective 1/1/2012 $9,750
effective 1/1/2013 $10,000
effective 1/1/2014 $10,150
effective 1/1/2015 $10,300
effective 1/1/2016 $10,350
effective 1/1/2017 $10,400
effective 1/1/2018 $10,650

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