What Disabled Veterans Must Know About Schedular Rating 100%-Temporay Disability Rating

Temporary 100% Disability Rating

There are three types of temporary disabiltiy ratings:

  • Prestabilization Ratings
  • Total Ratings for Service-Connected Disability Requiring Hospitalization
  • Convalescence Rating (TDCC)

Prestabilization Ratings:

  • Prestabilization Rating of 100% is for Veterans who have experienced, during active, an unstable condition resulting in a severe disability that renders gainful employment either not feasible or adviseable.  Such conditions would include: residuals resulting from a head injury or gunshot wound residuals.
  • The VA is not allowed to assign a 100% prestabilization rating if the Veteran’s case warrants a 100% regular rating.
  • Assigned immediately after discharge from the military and continues for 12 months after discharge.
  • During the 12 months, the Prestabilized rating can change to a “another rating authorizing a greater benefit” if the change would be a better benefit for the Veteran.
  • There must be a VA exam of the Veteran between the 6 month and the 12 month. following discharge.  If the exam calls for a reduction in benefits, the VA can not make the reduction until the end of 12 month period.

Total Ratings for Service Connected Disabilities Requiring Hospitalization

  • The condition must be service-connected.
  • The period of hospitalization or observation must exceed 21 days.
  • The Increased rating starts on the first day of continuous hospitalization and ends on the last day of the month of hospital discharge.
  • If hospialization occurs for a non-service connected condition and during the hospitalization a service connected disability is treated for over 21 days, then the 100% can be granted.

Convalescence Rating (TDCC) :

  • Three circumstances for TDCC:
    • The Veteran has surgery that requires 1 month of convalescence, or
    • The Veteran’s surgery has resulted in severe postoperative residuals,or
    • The Veteran has a major joint immobilzed by a cast.
  • Convalescence for Mental Disorder:
    • Veteran must have a service connected mental disorder
    • Hospitalized for at least 6months for the service connected mental disorder
    • Convalescent rating will last for 6 months after hospital discharge.  This rating is protected under 38 C.F.R. 3.105(e)
  • Benefit is for up to a year.
  • The conditions must be service connected and the medical documentatin indicates that the Veteran needs time to convalesce after hospital discharge or outpatient release.
  • Home Confinement is not necessary. Ruling from  Felden v. West, defines convalescence as ” the act of regaining or returning to a normal or healthy state after a surgical operation, or injury”  Medical documentation is necessary.  If Veteran’s doctor prescribes: “Do not return to work for 12 weeks”, then the CAVC has ruled that the note establishes 12 weeks of convalescence.

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